“European skiing done right!”
Winter 2021-2022

Last year I asked, “What do we do now? Where do we go from here?” along with various related questions. Right now, we have a go, maybe. As of today, December 6th, each alpine country is allowing only vaccinated Americans in.

So maybe it’s time to tentatively start planning on skiing the Alps this winter! (At the moment Austria’s closed until December 13th.) Whether a repeat Alpine-ite or a newbie, now’s the time to turn last year’s dreams into reality. Many of you have already started claiming your pillows. Last year it was dream now, travel later. This year we can plan now to travel this winter.

MOST IMPORTANT though: Click on the Covid Update to the right of this page for the very latest information on all the ins and outs of current rules and regulations relative to skiing the Alps.

This past October Lindenmeyr Euro Ski celebrated its 35th year – 35 years of looking out for and caring for our clients – that means you! So many thanks for all those years of letting us take care of you. Thanks for all your support – it’s been truly appreciated! I’ll continue to do my best to keep everything moving forward at this end as long as your emails, calls and texts keep coming from yours!

Till later then, take care, please be well and many thanks for joining the fun –