• St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice.

    St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice.

  • Gondolas in Venice.

    Gondolas in Venice.

  • Aerial view of Venice.

    Aerial view of Venice.

Gateway City


Venice, La Serenissma, historically was once the city of intrigue and innuendo. How else could a tiny island-nation-state have become the reigning world power in the 13th, 14th  and 15th centuries? The Most Serene Republic of Venice dates to 827, when a Byzantine duke moved its seat to what is now the Rialto. For the following 970 years, Venice thrived on trade and the military power of a Roman-style Senate headed by the Doge. In 1797, the city was conquered by Napoleon and never recovered. It soon became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire then ping-ponged between Austria and a nascent Italy. But today Venice remains a monument to the Renaissance’s glory days and its historic culture still flows in Venetians’ veins.

Hotels in Venice

  • Front of Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • View from Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • View from Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Buffet in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Bath in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Room in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Room in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Room in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.
  • Attic room in Hotel Londra Palace, Venice.


  • chateaux

As one looks out the Londra Palace’s windows onto Venice’s lagoon, you take in one of the world’s most glittering and fabulous views. The hotel’s white marble façade has reflected these glorious sites since 1853. The lovely interiors of its 53 rooms are coordinated with Italian silks, period art, antiques, and marble baths. The hotel is just steps from San Marco and its incredible Doge’s Palace. But save time for their terrace. Listen to passing gondoliers singing ‘O Sole Mio’ and  absorb the romantic Turner-esque light, doing it all while sipping a Campari-Orange makes it even better!

Hotel Lagacio Mountain Residence

Margreth and Pio Canins did years of research before opening their 24-suite hotel in ’09. Here discreet luxury meets elegant Nature with traditional Ladin elements: untreated local woods, ancient timbers, slate or wood floors, and warm-colored linen and loden fabrics. Each floor centers around a different Dolomite maritime fossil found by Pio. While the dining room serves gourmet breakfasts, dine-around dinners can be arranged and kitchenettes can be pre-stocked. The spa offers sauna, Jacuzzi, steam, hot tub, and an ice well. Heating is thermal, electric is solar. The Lagacio, by Nature and man, meets all the needs of our modern comforts.

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Ciasa Salares

Back in 1964 a tiny pension run by the second of four Wieser generations. Today this 47-room hotel set in an Armentarola meadow and is ski-in and out. The family’s passions are food, wine and mountains, the order yet to be decided. Guests are welcomed by the grandmother or perhaps her young sommelier grandson, Jan Clemens. They have the Bona Luna Dine Bar and two restaurants. Jan hosts fondue and a la carte evenings in the new Cocun Cellar among 30,000 bottles of wine. Guests can take their pick in the Cheese and Chocolate rooms. Individually styled bedrooms, spruced up for winter 21/22, have Swiss stone pine paneling for sweeter dreams. The spa covers all our needs: a pool, Jacuzzi, two saunas, steam bath, and an outdoor hot tub. ‘Ciasa’ means home in Ladin, so, do come home and stay!

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