• The Limmat River, Zürich and Lake Zürich.

    The Limmat River, Zürich and Lake Zürich.

  • Evening in Zürich.

    Evening in Zürich.

  • Zürich from a low bridge.

    Zürich from a low bridge.

Gateway City


Zürich, a long ago Roman encampment on a lake, has so many hidden nooks and crannies it takes days to explore them all. Switzerland’s largest city lies at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich in this landlocked nation. It’s the country’s major hub for rail, road and air service. Predominantly German-speaking, Zürich is home to the Swiss Stock Exchange, a broad selection of museums, the Opernhaus Zürich, and ETH, Europe’s #1 university and with Albert Einstein as its most famous alumnus. And finally, this year Zürich Airport, rated #1 in Europe, celebrates its 75th year.

Hotels in Zürich

  • Breakfast room in Hotel Rossli in Zurich.
  • Room in Hotel Rossli in Zurich.
  • Rooftop view of Lake Zurich from Hotel Rossli.
  • Exterior of Hotel Rossli in Zurich.


This trendy 27-room hotel, a blend of historic and sophisticated, is located in Zürich’s Old Town, up the tiny Rössligasse from the Limmat River. Each room in this 14th and 15th century landmark has unique décor with comforts not usual for a three star: terry robes, of course, wifi and audio control in your roomy bath. There are also two suites: one with a rooftop terrace overlooking the river, lake and mountains and the other, a five-room apartment with two bedrooms, two baths and a roof garden.

  • The Hotel Zum Storchen fronts the Limmat River in Zurich.
  • A view from the Storchen Suite Terrace in the Hotel Zum Storchen.
  • Bar in the Hotel Zum Storchen in Zurich.
  • A marble bath in the Hotel Zum Storchen.
  • A room in the Storchen Suite in the Hotel Zum Storchen.


  • michelin
  • michelin

Ever since 1357, the Storchen has had its dock on the Limmat River with beautiful views across to the Rathaus, old guildhalls and 11th century Grossmunster Cathedral. In the winter of 2017 it closed to renovate the rooms, the entry and the ever-popular tea salon. After it was upgraded to five stars and now has 66 beautifully designed rooms, many with stork-themed art tying in to the hotel’s history. Then this year their chef, Stefan Jäckel, was awarded a Michelin star for the Rotisserie Restaurant – very nice! The surrounding neighborhood entices you with some of Zürich’s chicest shops, restaurants and cafés. Early evening bells from the nearby Fraumunster and Grossmunster reverberate off the hotel’s riverside façade – something  truly wonderful to experience!