European Summers

I have to confess some things up front. For those who’ve not gotten to know me over the years, there are a few things in life I really love, travel, skiing in Europe (always my first love), history, culture, learning new things, architecture, cozy well-run hotels, really good food, being surrounded by nature, and of course, a challenging adventure or two.

A few years ago, a friend asked me to put together a Swiss trip for a small group. I jumped at the chance. A year later we wandered the country having all kinds of adventures in secret places. Some in the group said, “If you ever put together a cooking trip to Italy, we’re on it.” Eureka, Italy was next. They’re all well-traveled, so off we went to unknown Italy (yes, there are still parts unknown) to cook and seek new experiences. After three days in Italy, they asked, “So where are we going in two years?” After discussion, we zeroed in on Central Europe.

Recently, I thought why keep these trips hidden away? Why not put them in the brochure? Others may enjoy them, too. So here are four creative adventures to explore – oh, the fourth brings us back to skiing. It was done for a family going hut-to-hut in the Dolomites. Synopses of each –

summer-music summer-cuisine summer-jewels

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