The Edelweiss harks back to 1912 when Davos’ sanatoria cared for those needing its clear mountain air. Transformations followed, including as a home in the ’50s for Benedictine nuns. Today the 35 room hotel mixes turn-of-the-last century art nouveau with 21st century needs to cure-the-mind and comfort the soul. The hotel is run by Arabelle and Tom Umker, second generation hoteliers. Each room has a different décor to calm the mind and range from standard to a deluxe suite with a fireplace, so all pocketbooks can be accommodated. It’s 250 yards from a bus stop, has a library for fireside reading, sauna, and three Swiss cows. Yes, that’s right. They make their own cheese and you can even visit the cows in their nearby Edelweiss  barns!

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