The Schwärzler family’s hotel opened more than 50 years ago. Barely past the newlywed stage, Isolde and Hubert opened it in 1968. He had become director of tourism two years earlier; a post he held until 2001 helping to create the wonderful, pined-for resort Lech that is today. A few years ago they turned over management to their son, Michael and his wife, Claudia; and now Isolde shares life’s stories with guests. The hotel’s 26-rooms are individually decorated in rich woods and vibrant furnishings. There’s a cozy fireplace for drinks. The dining room serves fresh from-the-farm cuisine with an international flair. And for bodily cures you have a pool, sauna, steam bath, aroma therapy, and massages. Art graces the walls as one sits by the fire sharing a glass while the family shares their history.

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