Hotel Tennerhof

Here’s a bit of the Tennerhof’s early history I learned on my last visit: Back in the 1920s one, Ian Fleming, roared into town. The young drop-out stayed at a small pension, today’s Tennerhof. Its owner, a former British spy, seeded his mind with possible tales and the rest is history. The Ian Fleming room is still there, almost, okay, not quite the same, as in 1926. Since then the pension has evolved into a sumptuously rustic five-star hotel. The original 1679 building is the hotel’s heart and for 18-19 the von Pasquali Family added three luxury châlets to the hotel’s 39 rooms and their Romerhof’s ten apartments; all within the original farm property. Rooms are furnished with Austrian antiques. There’s superb service; great views across to the Streif and town; they were awarded the leading spa of the world for 18-19; and yes, there’s delicious dining with Chef Johannes Denk or in their Römerhof’s Stüberl. So come, or return, to the Tennerhof – you might just run into 007!

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