This 145-year hotel run for four generations by the Guler family, has such a terrific, more recent story: A young Prince Charles once made the bar his place to be. Years later three locals got the deal of their life. Andri Fasser, Cedric Müller and Hitsch Florian, close friends since Klosters school days, dreamt of running a hotel. Good fortune came their way. The hotel’s 14 rooms were redone with their handy work, joined by family members and in December ‘13 they opened their Wynegg. They’ve added a stone pine apartment. Adri’s the trained chef and Hitsch oversees the hotel and dining rooms, keeping guests happy. Cedric, right now, is at hotel management school. With these young owners, you can bet all’s quite casual and comfortably relaxed with more than a bit of fun thrown in.

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