Over the years clients enjoyed staying at the Ormelune. So, after visiting this January, it’s now in the program. The hotel is right in the center of town, managed by Sandrine, Marie, and Chantal, three muses who with their imagination, created a family hotel with a warm sense of humor, relaxed atmosphere, and special care for their guests. And even though, you’re in France, there’s a definite cow theme in their décor. Based on the “Cow Parades” several years ago in Switzerland and the US, theirs are painted by local artists. They have 56 rooms and suites in eight categories ranging up to 900 square feet. All are furnished in modern bright colors, not the gray, beige, and black I’ve seen in too many hotels. The owners’ humor is in many places, and the ‘benches’ in the ski room are another example. For those in need, they have a sauna, hammam, and fitness room, just in case the resort’s almost 30,000 skiable acres didn’t tire you out enough!

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