• Davos Klosters.
  • Aerial view of Davos Klosters.
  • Train at Davos Klosters.

Gateway City: Zürich
Transfer Time: 2.5 hours
Via: 1st & 2nd Class Rail

Beginner: 27%
Intermediate: 49%
Expert: 24%


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Davos & Klosters

Although they are sister resorts sharing skiing terrain, Klosters and Davos are the proverbial apples and oranges. The former is a quaint farming village surrounded by mountains where little has changed over the past centuries: cows still pasture in summer and firewood’s neatly stacked in winter. In recent decades, Klosters has attained a level of 21st century sophistication: its pastoral natural beauty attracts some of the world’s literati and remaining royalty. Davos is the more modern mountain resort and late each January it becomes the economic and political hub of our 21st century universe when the World Economic Forum brings many of the global glitterati to this small mountain city for everything but skiing –

Their loss – for this huge area’s skiing is winter’s cause célèbre, raison d’être. All seven mountains are included on the ski pass with 168 trail miles serviced by 54 lifts. In town you can use the free shuttle buses and trains. From Madrisa in Klosters Dorf, intermediates can ski, with a guide, over to Austria. The débutants can practice on Klosters’ extensive novice slopes. You can take the new ‘Furka Zipper’ from Gotschna to the Parsenn, the six-passenger high-speed chair to Jacobshorn or the Weissfluhjoch cable car to their snowboarding areas. Double-diamond enthusiasts can hop the enlarged Gotschna cable car to the Parsenn, Weissfluhjoch and Wolfgang for some of Europe’s most challenging terrain. Everyone can do Europe’s second longest ‘Nostalgie Run’ (7.5 miles) to Kublis; even those January intelligentsia with more worldly thoughts on their minds!

Hotels in Davos & Klosters


This 100-year hotel has such a terrific story: A young Prince Charles once made the bar his place to be. Years later three locals got the deal of their life. Andri Fasser, Cedric Müller and Hitsch Florian, close friends since Klosters school days, dreamt of running a hotel. Good fortune came their way. The hotel’s 14 rooms were redone with their handy work, joined by family members and in December ‘13 they opened their Wynegg. They’ve added a stone pine apartment. Adri’s the trained chef and Hitsch oversees the hotel and dining rooms, keeping guests happy. Cedric, right now, is at hotel management school. With these young owners, you can bet all’s quite casual and comfortably relaxed with a bit of fun thrown in.

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  • Superior

The Edelweiss harks back to 1912 when Davos’ sanatoria cared for those needing its clear mountain air. Transformations followed, including as a home in the ’50s for Benedictine nuns. Today the 35 room hotel mixes turn-of-the-last century art nouveau with 21st century needs to cure-the-mind and comfort the soul. The hotel is run by Arabelle and Tom Umker, second generation hoteliers. Each room has a different décor to calm the mind and range from standard to a deluxe suite with a fireplace, so all pocketbooks can be accommodated. It’s 250 yards from a bus stop, has a library for fireside reading, sauna, and three Swiss cows. Yes, that’s right. They make their own cheese and guests can even visit the cows in their nearby Edelweiss  barns!

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